Call for Community-led programming

We’re now accepting applications for Community-Led Workshops!

Future Arts Network’s goal is to support, engage, and promote women of colour and marginalized genders in the arts through programming, education, and mentorship opportunities. We’re looking at new ways to expand our networks and invite new folks into our community. Formerly known as “The Future is You and Me” (2016-2022), we’ve been programming as the “Future Arts Network” at the beginning of 2023, and since then we’ve hosted 6 workshops, developed a symposium, produced a community-research project and collaborated with partners in BC and Alberta

We’re inviting you to become part of our community— 

You’ll receive: 

  • Compensation as the “Lead Programmer” for $50/hr x 20 hours = $1,000. This is for organizing the project, and the fee may increase depending on organizing time. This does not include workshop speaker fees, facilitation, access and project expenses. 
  • $375 for speaker fees for up to 8 speakers (this is paid to external speakers you are planning to invite to join as workshop speakers). 
  • Regular check-in meetings to plan the workshop sessions, time, and dates are organized based on availability of the team (you and us).  
  • Supplemental administration, marketing, and promotional support from us. 

Our values and priorities: 

  • We are intersectional and feminists.
  • We aim to foster connections between women of colour and marginalized genders: friendship, mentorship, creative collaborations.
  • We are accountable to each other. 
  • Our behaviours and conversations do no harm. (Honesty and vulnerability are important, but some sensitive subjects can retraumatize when they aren’t handled with care).
  • We aim to push the conversation forward beyond platitudes about why we need justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 
  • We share an identity as women of colour and marginalized genders while recognizing our individual positionalities within Canada’s colonial history.
  • We manage our energy so that while we’re having important conversations and doing the work, we’re also having fun.

Project ideas and examples: 

  • Workshop focused on artistic practice (example: workshops on Writing and publishing, workshops on music).
  • Workshops on learning professional development skills (example: our first workshop series). 
  • Workshops about arts and disability justice. 
  • Workshops about how arts intersect with social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Workshops on decolonization. 
  • Workshops on climate change and the arts. 
  • Conversations, dialogue, webinars about other topics you’re super interested in but have yet to be explored with a larger group of like-minded folks.  

Fine print: 

  • The main focus of these community-led workshops is that projects need to be hosted by women of colour and marginalized genders (you).
  • Your project will provide a level of “mentorship,” “knowledge sharing,” and network building for artists and cultural workers. 
  • Past workshops we’ve hosted are organized as a “cohort” model where folks apply to join and we invite up to 12 participants to attend each workshop. But we’re open to the cohort model or open workshops where anyone is able to attend.
  • We are based in Vancouver, BC but open to host projects across Canada.
  • This is a rolling deadline. 
  • The earliest we can start workshops is June 2023, the latest we can start workshops is Dec 2023. 
  • No experience necessary from your end. This is also the first time we’re hosting an open call for community-led programming, so please be gentle with us in regards to time management (example: we’re slow to respond to emails).
  • Funding is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, so we’re only open to Canadian applicants that are supporting Canadian artists and the overall arts sector.